The History of Online Dating Scams

June 26, 2017Posted by Admin


Online dating appeared almost immediately with the arrival of the internet. It has provided us with the solution of finding our second half in our time-consuming and busy-scheduled life. Moreover, online dating provided us with possibility to pick a partner from every corner of the world.

But nothing comes without a trouble. Online dating requires having money, and whenever there is a place for money, there is a place for frauds. No one actually knows when online dating scams appeared. Some state that it has arrived simultaneously with the online dating itself, while others argue that online dating scam appeared few years after the introduction of online dating services. One thing that both party agree on is that the online dating scam is not something new.

The Purposes of Online Dating Scams

So, what are the purposes of the online dating scams? World knows a lot of online dating scam stories, but all of those stories show that the main purposes is either fooling you to earn money or fooling you to hack your computer and get your financial data, thus getting your money once again.

How Online Dating Works?

Online dating scam requires swindlers who use con-artists to trick you. You may think that you are corresponding with the real girl from another part of the world, while actually the girl is a con-artist who chats with you in order to hack your financial data or she just chats with you as long as possible to earn as much money as she can.

If the girl all of the sudden offers you to continue your correspondence elsewhere, be alert. Especially if she asks you email address. The easiest way to steal your personal or financial data is via email. So, even if you agree on continuation of your chatting via email, be sure to create a fake email account, which will have no connection with your bank account or anything else.

Be also alert if your chat-mate all of a sudden asks you to send her big sum of money, because one of her relatives, whom she never mentioned was sick, is sick with some terrible disease. Mostly it is mother or father. Can you imagine a person whose mother or father is sick and he or she never mentioned about that? Sound quite suspicious, isn't it?

Another way to determine whether you are chatting with a scam or not is asking your chat-mate about the first date. If she says that she is ready for your arrival whenever you are ready, then everything is okay. If she says that it is better for you to visit her a little bit later, giving you some logical explanation, then everything is okay too. But be alert if she says that she is not ready, because of some nonsense explanation, because most likely she's trying to win as much time as possible to earn more money at your expense.

Latest Online Dating Scams

In 2016 the number of users of online dating sites in the UK jumped to almost 8 million people, from 100,000 in 2000. The recent report by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau showed that by the early 2017 British singles were conned out over £40 million by online dating swindlers.

Are All Online Dating Sites Scams?

Most of the frauds are considered to be done by Ukraine online dating scams, but Ukraine is far from being a pioneer of dating scams, and is overshadowed by Russian dating scams. But, actually you can become a dating scam victim whenever you use suspicious dating services or online dating apps. Swindlers prefer pretending to be women from distant countries, in order to escape possible prosecution. The best way to avoid dating scams is to stick with reputable online dating services.