In Bed With Ukrainian Brides: Tips and Advice

August 29, 2017Posted by Admin

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With Ukrainian brides being being the second most popular choice for western men after Russian girls, it makes no surprise that internet is full of articles on how to woo and how to date them, both on online services and offline. While it definitely important to know rules of dating beautiful Ukrainian brides, little is know about Ukrainian sex. You go online, see thousands of hot Ukrainian brides, but is there anything you know about how to handle Ukrainian girls in bed? What is sex with Ukrainian women like? What they like about it and what they don't? If you don't know the answers to those questions, you may fail miserably when you are in bed with one of those sexy Ukrainian brides. So, to avoid any mistakes, we offer you to check out everything you wanted to know about Ukrainian women and sex, but were too afraid to ask. Check out our guide on how to act in bed with Ukrainian brides, without further ado.

Before Bed

If you want to enjoy the experience of having sex with Ukrainian women, you have to make few arrangements in advance, especially if it is the first time you are going to be in bed with one of those sexy Ukrainian brides. So, let's check our tips on how to prepare to sex with your Ukrainian girlfriend.

1. Prepare Her

When you are dating a Ukrainian girl you should never forget about romance. Unfortunately western men with all their whining about western women being overly-emancipated, they try to approach Slavic girls in a straight-forward manner, which is way more suitable for a feminist woman. When with Ukrainian girl, you can't go straight ahead to bed, you need to prepare the girl and too set the right mood and the right atmosphere. A romantic dinner lit with candles is a perfect appetizer. After dinner you can start with a relaxing massage.

2. Undress Her

When undressing your Ukrainian girl, you should do it slowly and without unnecessary movements. Don't tear her clothes, unless she asks you too, because, contrary to what movies claim, that's not what girls like. Do it slowly, there is no need to act as a maniac who wants to take her to the bedroom at any cost. Doing one slow move after another will make her enjoy it and she would definitely ask for more.

3. Caress Her

If she hasn't runaway still than you are doing everything right, which means that you can proceed to caresses. Touch her and kiss her tenderly, because that's what Ukrainian girls really like. But don't forget that you should be patient, as well as expressing your passion with every move. Whatever you do don't try to make the process faster. What Ukrainian girls can't stand men in a hurry, especially when it comes to sex. Ukrainian women believe that prelude to sex and sex itself should bring nothing but the pleasure. And if you are in hurry she may start thinking that you are not that interested in sex with her, thus not interested in being intimate with her. That's another thing that Ukrainian women can't stand. Be patient and you will benefit from it.

In Bed

So, we discussed what you should do before sex, now it's time to discover what you should do in bed with a Ukrainian girl.

1. Long Foreplay

Long foreplay is the most important aspect of sex with Ukrainian women. No matter how hard it is for you to hold yourself, you shouldn't stop after fifteen minutes. Of course everything is individual, but mainly Ukrainian girls prefer long foreplay, which should last somewhere between thirty to fifty minutes. You should also remember that foreplay varied, because doing the same thing for half an hour would be at least boring. So, next time that you are watching some porn, pay attention to foreplay, as it may really help you in bed with a Ukrainian girl.

2. Put Her First

When you are having sex with a Ukrainian girl, you should put her needs and desires first. Sex shouldn't be only about your own satisfaction. With Ukrainian women it works only on a mutual basis. If you do your best to satisfy her, she will do her best to satisfy you. So, once again, put her pleasure before yours, because it won't work otherwise.

3. Be a Little Rude

No, it doesn't contradicts the tender kisses and putting her desires first. Ukrainian girls like when man can show a little bit of rudeness when in bed. When Ukrainian woman feels her superiority to man in bed, she's unlikely to reach the highest levels of pleasure. You need to be a little bit rude for her to feel defenceless. Sex without a little pinch of rudeness can be viewed by her as insipid and can easily cause her indifference to it. The main problem is to figure out what kind of rudeness your Ukrainian girlfriend really likes. Moreover, your relationships can benefit from your rudeness in bed, as it will reinforce the idea that you can handle her and that you will protect her.

Of course tips in this article is just a peak of the iceberg, as sex with Ukrainian women is a complex topic which may require an encyclopedia. Still, with this guide you will avoid a lot of common mistakes that western men commit when dating Ukrainian girls.