How to Avoid Dating Scam

March 25, 2017Posted by Admin


The impact of Internet on modern romantic relationships only grows. Every year we are getting more busy, and less time we have to go somewhere to meet our possible partners. Dating sites came as a solution for loneliness. But with thousands of these sites operating now, and more of them popping up here and there every day, it is really hard to understand which one is a scam.

A lot of men who came to dating sites for cure from loneliness, are now complaining about wasted time and money. Instead of chatting with a girl you like, with the possibility of further romantic development, you find yourself involved in scam. You've wasted your time, money on being fooled, and you want to know how to avoid scams.

Are all online dating sites scams?

No, otherwise the whole online dating sites would have vanished. A lot of men were engaged in wonderful online dating, which often culminated in a happy marriage. Moreover, you can came across a real girl searching for her mate, as well as a fake account used by swindlers to take your money for illusion.

As for now, there is no panacea for internet dating scams. But, if you follow certain rules, you have good chances avoiding online dating scams. 

Ways to avoid dating scams online 

The best way is to not pursue a long distance relationships with strangers. Sticking with locals reduces all the risks. The vast majority of charlatans target the victims from countries distant to their location in order to avoid prosecution. They use western men' dissatisfaction with their emancipated women to lure them into chatting with con-artists. 

But, if you can't stay away from using online dating services you should follow next rules. Don't give personal data to your chat mate. Often men, either trying to reduce conversation's cots or to check trustworthiness of the girl they are chatting with ask her to move their correspondence to email or social network. Maybe you're lucky and she will agree, but if she is a con-artist, your email can be hacked. If you bold enough for this move, at least get sure that email you give your girl is not connected with your personal or financial data.

If the girl you've just met online insists on continuing your conversation elsewhere, you should also get suspicious, as it may be again an attempt to steal your data.

As the vast majority of western men mainly aim at finding a Russian girl, as they are known for their obedience and loyalty. Of course there are a lot of Russian dating scams. In this case you should pay attention to the language. If the girl's profile states that her English is extremely low, but she has a perfect command of it, there are two possible variants. The profile is old, her English has improved, while the information hasn't been updated. Than, everything is fine and you can continue chatting. 

Other variant is that it is a charlatan that who hasn't done his homework properly. Be ready that sooner or later your girl will start demanding gifts or asking about material help, because some of her relatives is in deep trouble. 

If you follow this simple rules, you will successfully avoid online dating scams.