Are Ukrainian Dating Agencies a Scam?

May 30, 2017Posted by Admin


The busy-scheduled modern life left almost no time for dating. Of course you can pick some time to have one date, but in the end, one date is rarely enough for the development of mutual sympathy and attraction. Because we refuse to be lonely, internet, which had already found the way to impact on each and every aspect of our lives, got its way to change romance forever. Thus appeared the dating services. Besides solving problems with busy schedules, as they allowed prospective partners to learn something about each other before going on a date, dating services offered a possibility to date whoever you want from any corner of the world. But nothing comes without a problem. Online dating scams arrived almost immediately after the arrival of dating services.

Dating site scams threatened the whole online dating, as searching for your soul-mate turned into fraud. Dating scam tries to steal your personal and financial data, or just trick you in spending more money on online dating. You may be thinking that you're chatting with a real woman, while in reality you'll be chatting with a con-artist just pretending to be someone you may like.

Russian and Ukrainian dating scams gained notoriety on both sides of Atlantic and it's a little surprise why. A lot of men from western countries try to pursue long-distance relationships with women from the former Soviet-states. It comes with the belief of western men that Slavic women are less emancipated and more family-oriented than their western counterparts. Besides, beauty of Slavic women is well-known worldwide. But that's not the real reason why Russian or Ukrainian dating is so strongly associated with scam.

Charlatans mainly target victims distant from their location, in order to escape possible prosecution. It is really hard to find and punish someone from the Eastern block who stole your financial data via online dating site.

But a more important question is all Ukrainian dating services are scam? Shall we refuse Ukrainian dating? It would be a tough decision to make, especially considering how beautiful and gorgeous Ukrainian women are. Besides, a lot of men from western countries are obsessed with the dream of dating and even marrying a Ukrainian girl. It would be very unfair if this dream can be so easily killed by a bunch of online swindlers. So, if there's any Ukrainian dating agency men can trust? The answer is 'yes' and 'no' at once. Basically, the same answer goes with dating agencies from any other part of the world.

Well, if we delve into a deep research of the problem, we will find out that scams are present on all dating sites. The vast majority of cyber-crimes are connected with online dating, as people who are desperately seeking love are very easy to fool. If you think that there are, let's say, 25 American men fooled by Ukrainian dating sites, be sure you will find 25 American men fooled by American dating services. Basically, the probability of you become a scam victim while using a Ukrainian dating service is as high, as while using an American dating site.

There is one thing that can really help you in avoiding online dating scams. You should stick with reputable dating services. It may not be the solution of all problems, but when on reputable dating site, you can always ask their support team for help. Besides, you can always block a person you find suspicious on the reputable dating site (like Moreover, as those services monitors their users, you can always report a suspicious chat-mate.