How to Detect Ukrainian Bride Scam

December 3, 2016Posted by Admin


Indeed, we live in a pretty curious era. Modern technologies completely change our lives and simultaneously bring certain difficulties. For instance, today’s people are lucky enough as they can easily pick potential matches on online dating sites. Thanks to these services, lonely hearts from all around the world connect. However, there is one huge issue: scam traps.

Online dating scam or romance scam is a kind of scam when gang bands, also known as scammers, use online dating services to cash in on other people. They put to work special verbal techniques (suggestive techniques) to influence your mind and make you do what they want i.e. submit your money to them.

So what about Ukrainian dating? By all means, Ukrainian ladies are now among the best marriage materials for foreigners. Oftener and oftener, single men from all over the planet get to thinking about tying a knot with a gorgeous, intelligent, and family-oriented girl from Ukraine.

Over the last years, tens of thousands of regional dating sites emerged – and unfortunately, scammers couldn’t miss their chance to gain from it. They pick random pictures of beautiful Ukrainian women on the Internet, create fake profiles on dating sites, and unscrupulously play tricks on credulous men searching for the love of their life. Likewise, they use online dating apps and social media to that end.

Does it mean you should beware online dating sites? In our view, it’s definitely a wrong conclusion. You see, such services aren’t scams themselves. They are only used by criminals to make money without making too many efforts. All you need to know is how to distinguish real Ukrainian ladies from bridal scammers.

How to understand that you probably chat to a scammer

Fraud schemes were invented quite a long time ago. Despite all the progress, they haven’t changed so it is absolutely real to detect them on the Internet. You should only know the most significant features of them and be able to verify those whilst chatting to your Ukrainian pen pal. Let’s now take a look at obvious red flags.

· A lady makes the first move first. This mostly happens if she contacts you via social media or even calls you on phone. On Ukrainian dating sites, these are men who initiate chats with women.

· Her photos are overly enticing. It’s natural that girls try to look their best in order to attract guys. But don’t you think there are certain boundaries one should always keep, especially online? For example, a girl might be wearing pretty few clothes or demonstrating naked parts of her body. Keep in mind: an honest Ukrainian girl would never send such pics until your relationship gets serious enough.

· She reveals too intimate facts about her life, her personality, and her family. Like some of her relatives died or suffers from a fatal disease. Or she is now going trough extremely harsh financial circumstances. On the other hand, she might try to seduce you via the Internet by sending sexy photos and provoking “dirty” talks.

· She acts too emotionally during your correspondence. Her messages are full of sweet words and phrases that are supposed to make your heart melt. Seems like she’s getting attached to you for absolutely no good reason. Normally, women attempt to get to know their male friends before dropping any hints of affection.

· Her English is fairly poor: she barely speaks it and her writing is just bad. Modern Ukrainian ladies realize the importance of good education so they likely have good command of English.

· She agrees to talk only via emails. If you suggest her having a live video chat or meeting in person, she probably refuses or agrees but never comes. The reason is obvious – that’s not a stunning girl you communicate with, but an undereducated male fraudster from Nigeria in at least his mid-thirties.

· There are usually situations when she needs your financial help e.g. to cover her travel expenses as she’s gonna visit you. In spite of the fact you’ve never seen each other live, she asks you questions about your wealth and pushes you to disclose your banking information.

· She requests your assistance in weird financial operations like transferring large sums of money or their equivalents in precious metals from one country to another or delivering lavish gifts to the third parties.

How to avoid getting scammed on online dating sites

Of course, we have a couple of recommendations about how you can protect yourself from fake Ukrainian brides on the Internet.

1. Choose a reliable online dating service. Prior to creating a profile, see customer reviews about it and carefully read all the terms and conditions.

2. Verify the personality of your potential bride: do an image search and try to connect her via other social media.

3. Always think critically: don’t let a “lady” dupe you with her alluring talks and lovely pictures. Before take your communication to another level, you two should study each other well enough.

4. Don’t tell her too much about yourself e.g. your job, revenue, intimate secrets etc. And, of course, never accept any proposals referring to banking operations!