5 Reasons Why Godatenow.com Is Not a Scam

July 31, 2017Posted by Admin


Looking for a serious long-term relationship? Then Godatenow.com is a perfect opportunity to accomplish your goal!

-What is this site?

Godatenow.com is a multi-purpose complex of profiles, combining dating facilities and a block of articles that will help you understand women even more! Here you can find any girl you like, starting from height, weight, and finishing with traits of character, job and outlook. This site creates a unique opportunity to chat, videochat or save as a favorite. Communication became easy, quick and free! The gallery, filled with more than 10 thousand profiles of gorgeous women. Those ladies range from age 18 to 50+. So don’t worry not to find a good partner.

-Why should I try this site, but not numerous other?

There is no secret that the plethora of dating companies allows men to find a bride anywhere, but don’t hurry. Some of those sites actually involve different scammers in the game, where you definitely won’t be the winner as the profits are quite questionable. Unlike off-brand half-made sites, Godatenow.com is a good source of joy and pleasant impressions.

But if you still don’t believe it, here are 5 reasons why Godatenow.com is a trusty site for all the singles:

1. An honest confession. Brides from this site are not playing games. Everything is crystal clear. If you’ll enter a profile of a bride, notice how a column ‘self-development’ says about the knowledge of English language.

So what? Why is it so important you’ll ask me and I will answer. I can use a translator! She can use a translator! People from all over the world somehow deal with language issues, and pretty successfully. Yes, but…Scams on a dating site can be different. Scammers choose a strategy and follow it freely, thought might not even suspect a thing! So you’ve stumbled across a woman who claims to know English on a rather descent level. You are talking for an impressive amount of time. She is nice and, surprisingly, very smart. Oh, yes, she is very smart indeed. A girl knows how to take her money. One day those foreign brides confess that translators helped them, but in fact their cash is on zero for now, and a good professional is expensive, but an online service is not serious. So basically those women suggest men paying for a translator service in order to continue chatting.

They wait till go get used to her lies, and then when it’s too late to stop talking to each other, a materialistic side of the deal pops up. A pure (sorry, a dirty) scam!

On contrary, women do not pretend to have PHD in philology. All of them either know English on a basic level, or don’t know it at all. Whether you want a comfortable chat or it’s not so important - the choice is only yours to make. At least a pleasant conversation doesn’t start from the lies!

2. They are not always online. So what is good with not having an access to a virtual partner you’ll ask. Well, think twice! Who is always online and answers the message the same moment a question was answered? Bots! It’s crazy, but dating sites are full of pre-programed ‘people’ who consist of basic replies in order to satisfy the client. A man needs to chat and some of those inventive sites are ready to provide customers with comrades – dead or alive. Usually they are literally not real! Happily for you, Godatenow.com is a source where you can understand online dating scams and detect scams on dating site. Remember about a feature called livechat? Basically, every customer service that has via conversations are not fake because you can easily call a person and this lady from a picture will reply. Besides that, at least you can know that she works or does something besides briding!

3. They are real! Russian dating scams are a well-spread thing nowadays, when Godatenow.com offers you people from existing towns and cities. You can easily check if your new date has a real name and the place to live by finding her name and surname in Russian or Ukrainian social media. Those women are not a scam just because scammers hide their entity, and you can literally search a person online and some information will pop up. Besides that, there are a lot of blacklist sites, where names and photos of well-known scammers are downloaded, so you can check if she wasn’t in a sketchy situation before your passionate romance!

4. The site is free! Godatenow.com is a free of charge site, no additional payment is required. Sure, you can send a gift to a bride, but no one expects it from you, you don’t have to. Membership is also non-existent. A lot of scammers actually let you create a free account, but at the peak of your talking or chatting in person, the connection magically disappears and an app pops up – “Your free membership has ended. Do you want to continue a chat?” But the fee was not mentioned in a contract in any way! If a man knew he would be scammed like that, he wouldn’t try it in a first place!

5. Every user has a verified ID. If you are searching for someone you forgot to add to favorites, you can name an address that was added to your cookies. Overall, the quality of a site pretty impressive. Usually, dating companies that have an aim to trick a customer won’t create too much information about a bride, because it will be easier to detect a scammer and to add her name to the world’s scammers blacklist. Godatenow.com is not afraid of revealing some information like names, photos, ID’s and private passport information (height, weight), because it’s just not a scam. It would be hard to pay for development support, creating thousand of fake accounts. That seems almost like a conspiracy theory, which is, of course, not true! Usually your bride will tell about everything herself. You can see how open women are about their preferences. And most of those account information is not perfect. Some of those women have children from a previous marriage, others do not now the language, some of them have from low to no expectations which doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Real people share real stories. Scammers share information that will attract a potential customer like two diplomas, no children, no sexual experience and pure virginity, as if she is a multi-purpose soldier who has been waiting for the savior.

Beware sketchy dating sites, full with scammers and bots and try only trustworthy real services!